Different shades of brown hair color to choose from


Tis the season for darker hair! Winter is among us and it’s the perfect season to test going darker with hair coloring. From blonde to dark blonde, one tone to two, or even a multi-color look, there are shades for days!

Brown hair color options

Now that you’ve decided you want to embrace a new color and go a bit darker or even lighter brown, it’s time to choose the shade you want to test. Like any other hair color, there are warm and cold tones that you can choose from. Warm tones add a bit more warmth or red as a base whereas cooler tones add more of a blue or ash to the base.

Golden brown – Golden brown is a great way to slowly embrace going from blonde to brown as it still embodies a blonde hue. Often referred to as caramel, golden brown works well as all-over hair color or as a low light added into your current situation.

Golden brown is great for women and men who have warmer skin tones and blue or gray eyes.

Toffee brown – A popular color for the winter and holiday season is toffee brown. Toffee brown looks as delicious as it sounds with a warm undertone yet not so dark that it looks black.

Natural brown – Natural brown may sound silly as it’s rare you’ll find anyone who has their natural hair color these days, but natural brown gives off an illusion that you never sat down for a hair coloring appointment. With its softness, natural brown often gives the appearance of thickness.

Chestnut brown – Chestnut brown adds both warmth and coolness all in one shade. It helps keep thin hair looking voluptuous and works well if you want to later add in high light.

Now that you have a better understanding of the top 4 brown colors this season, which will you choose?