Different Properties of Coarse Sand and Their Uses in Our Everyday Life


Sand is one of the most basic building blocks of human revolution as is used in almost in some way or another in our day to day life. Sand is used majorly for construction purposes primarily for building houses, malls, flats, and other commercial buildings. It is also a major contributor to the building of infrastructure activities such as roads, bridges, and railway lines. Sand is available in a large number of sizes, texture, and color, which is used for different purposes as per their inherent property. Coarse sand due to its absorbing property is widely used as a binding agent with cement as a mortar mixture. The proportionate mixture of coarse sand, cement, gravels, and TMT bars when mixed with water being used for the construction of the RCC structure. These RCC structures are strong enough to take loads and last for years, even when subjected to rough weather conditions. So these are being widely used as manhole covers, drainage covers, and numerous applications with civic bodies.

Coarse sand has excellent filtration properties i.e.; it is used as a filtration media in the cleaning of dirty water. The sand particles are hollow from inside, which is effective in trapping the dirty particles of water and allows clean water to pass through it. You can easily find the sand is used as a filtration medium by the municipal water treatment plants as well in commercial buildings like hotels and shopping malls. The community centers such as clubs, big restaurants, and swimming pools make effective use of the sand for recycling of the water as it is easily available and is cost-efficient. In earlier days, potable water was first filtered through these coarse sands made filters before human consumption. It must be kept in mind that the water treatment is a very complex engineering process, and sand is used in the very first step of the wastewater treatment process, which is being followed by a chemical treatment for obtaining pure water. In the large housing projects nowadays, due to the water scarcity colonies, it made mandatory by the government authorities to install a wastewater treatment plant for which these coarse sand in one of the essential ingredients.

The coarse sand price (ราคา ทรายหยาบ, which is the term in Thai) is not fixed as it varies as per the demand and supply principle. It also demands upon the size of the sand particles. The prices also vary as per the local geographic conditions as the areas near to the mining zones i.e., near the rivers or oceans, have a low cost. However, cities located far off the coastline have higher sand prices owing to the increased transportation cost.