Great Choices for the Green Exam Now


We all know that natural resources are limited, and their irrational use has caused an imbalance in the natural balance of our world. Thus, toxins and products from factories harm not only the environment, causing pollution of water, soil, air, but also our health, by default. Being a society based on consumption, we manifest a permanent desire for new products, innovations and latest technologies, a desire that will not change, because it is strongly infiltrated in our modern way of life. The Green Exam  covers all these aspects. It is the perfect platform for being ready in case of the environmental tests and examination. You will be getting all the information and training tips from them now. The followings are the topics that come up in the study.

What the Horizon 2020 Offers

Thus, according to the “Horizon 2020” program, among the objectives of the European Union is to reduce energy consumption by 20%. In order to achieve this objective, the European Commission has adopted regulations for various specific products, which impose minimum values ​​for the energy efficiency of the products throughout their entire life cycle.

  • At the request of the European Commission, the European Standardization Committee (CEN) and the European Standardization Committee in Electrotechnics develop European standards, which provide manufacturers with information on various special methods for measuring the energy performance of products based on the mandatory requirements set out in the technical regulations of EU.

About 35 technical committees develop European standards in the field of ecological design, and their number could increase in time, if new regulations are to be developed at the European Commission level. The technical committees currently operating in this field cover various sectors, including household electrical appliances, professional refrigeration installations, kitchen appliances, heating installations, lamps, pumps, air conditioning devices, power electronics, audio, video and multimedia systems. The Green Associate Exam is essential in this case now.

How could ecological design help protect the environment by designing intelligent products?

Ecological design involves taking into account the impacts of the product on the environment, even from the first design stage. This avoids oversight of the planned product.

At present, it is considered that designers and importers of products must, in their turn, contribute to reducing energy consumption and strive to achieve energy efficiency in all stages of their economic activities. Ecological design contributes to environmental protection.

Ecological design requirements:

  • They are adopted according to the product.
  • Establish minimum standards for product performance, to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • They must be met by all products marketed in the EU.
  • It is based on the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the product (design, production, distribution and recycling).
  • This is not just a document. This is the document.

By setting minimum energy efficiency requirements, with this regulation all low efficiency heating appliances should be excluded from the market, while the others should be improved. The technical development of the heating appliances leads to improved energy efficiency and therefore ensures a low level of energy consumption.