Greatest Snorkelling Areas in Raja Ampat Islands, Check This Out!


Raja Ampat is a world-class destination for snorkelling. The diversity of the habitat is exceptional. The more time you spend here, the more evident it will end up that each and each island at Raja Ampat provides exciting and fresh surroundings to research.

Read the best recommendation snorkelling areas in Raja Ampat Islands below.

Sauwandarek Village

Sauwandarek Village is situated on the shore of Pulau Mansuar, and nestled into a photo. Sauwandarek provides a number of the best entertainment in Raja Ampat and has something for everybody.

We believe Sauwandarek’s is entirely underrated, although there are a lot of jetties in Raja Ampat! Its beautiful base is covered in soft corals and sea fans amongst a pot of AngelFish, Groupers and a Napoleon Wrasse.

In front of the jetty, around 100 metres from the coast is Sauwandareks ‘sweet spot’. There is also a cleaning station where the fish love to hang out. Colourful Sweet Lips, Giant Groupers, Trigger Fish, Reef Sharks and even a college of blue and Fusiliers make this one of the most scenic areas for snorkelling in Raja Ampat.

The house reef runs the length of the along with this and finds several marine life such as the giant Turtle, Groupers, even more Reef Sharks and trapping schools of Barracuda.

The shallows have a whole lot to offer. You will find healthy coral anemones and starving turtles. Therefore, don’t neglect to check out this area. Dry on the jetty, as soon as you snorkel or wander around the village. For your info, it is a small region, and you can play with the local kids.

Yenkoranu Jetty

The reef operating to Mambetron Homestay on the North Shores of Kri from Yenkoranu is a traditional Raja Ampat holiday place. Yenkoranu’s jetty produces an entry. From this area, follow the drop-off over the coast to the black and white buoys at Mambetron.

The reef has a combination of soft and hard corals, together with extraordinary marine life, including large schools of blue and yellow Fusiliers, Red Tooth Triggerfish Patterned Puffer Fish, Black Tip Reef Sharks, Turtles and more.

It is apparent vulnerability, and unchallenging conditions offer this veteran reef its grand name. Nevertheless, it’s not easy to find fault in this, although we want something a little more risqué. For children and beginner snorkelers, this is an excellent place to get started.

Friwen Wall

Friwen Wall, a sliver of limestone next door to the island of Friwen Bonda could be discovered near the eastern tip of Pulau Gam. The snorkelling here is sublime. Depending on the current, work your way along Friwens under-hang that is rugged. The wall drops off but focuses on the clear shallow waters, and you will soon find an alien universe.

The odd coral infrastructure at Friwen Wall is kaleidoscopic. Its huge gorgonian fans in reds, pinks and yellows, black-purple, coral pipe corals, swaying soft coral and iridescent sponges make this place a banquet for the eyes!

This immaculate reef and topography are also home to a range of heaps and odd critters of macro life such as Puffer Box Fish and Porcupine Pygmy Seahorses Fish, Nudis, Crustaceans and much more.

Friwen Wall could be reached by boat or ship, where it is possible to access a beach and a jetty on the island’s other side.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Raja Ampat by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.