How Often Should You be Wearing Sheet Masks?


There are different schools of thought when it comes to wearing sheet masks. Some say it should be part of your daily routine, twice a day, even. Others say it should be used every other day to prevent breakouts. Though there’s no clear rule on which is best for the skin, that has something to do with every skin type being different. Face masks, in their essence, give plenty of benefits to the skin. But it’s important that you know how often you can use them depending on your particular skin type.

Once a Day

If you don’t have breakouts or a sensitive skin, you can easily buy enough sheet masks online for daily use. They don’t cost that much so you will not feel like it’s an extravagant purchase, but it is still luxurious on the skin. Sheet masks are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other nourishing ingredients for the skin. For all intents and purposes, there should be no problems using them daily. However, if you have breakouts or your skin easily reacts to new products, a nourishing product may not give the best results. To be safe, try using a sheet mask two days in a row and see if your skin reacts negatively.

Every Other Day

This suggestion is friendlier on the budget, and it may also be the most balanced way of using sheet masks. Because the product is loaded with all the good ingredients for the skin, there’s plenty of benefits to last more than the 24 hours of use. Therefore, you don’t need to use it daily. However, if you use it every other day and you have very dry skin, its hydrating properties may not be enough to show great results. Immediately after application, you’ll have beautifully hydrated skin, but a day into it might bring back a dull, lifeless skin. If you have sensitive skin, on the other hand, using a sheet mask every other day should be enough to let the skin return to its normal state instead of overloading it with more products.

Whenever You Feel Like It

For some who don’t have a complicated skincare routine, it’s enough to wash the face, use a toner, and moisturize at night. If this sounds familiar to you, a sheet mask may not be one of your go-to items for skincare. However, it can be a favored item for the occasional self-care. When you’re feeling extra stressed, grab that sheet mask infused with orange or citrus extracts to brighten your skin, or chamomile to help calm you down. There are also aloe vera sheet masks in case you have a sunburn. Anti-aging sheet masks are also ideal for those who may be noticing tell-tale signs of wrinkles or crow’s feet. If this is when you use sheet masks, it’s more of a luxurious binge than a regular part of your routine but that’s okay as well.

As with any other skincare products, the use of sheet masks should complement your skin. Find out what best works for you so that you will get good results, not additional problems.