The Most Useful Rhetorical Devices and Their Definitions



Rhetoric is the art of writing or communicating persuasively. To achieve this goal, it is better to use particular rhetorical devices. Each of them will help you express your thoughts more effectively and convince the audience in the correctness of your arguments.

Top-6Rhetorical Devices

The following devices can be included in the list of the most frequently used and effective ones:

  • Alliteration. It is the repetition of the very first sound of several words in a row;
  • Amplification. It is repetitive use of a particular word in a sentence to show the reader emphasis on some aspect;
  • Antanagoge. With the help of this device, the writer can combine negative and positive aspects in one sentence. Sometimes, it may be a problem and a quick solution to it in the form of advice.
  • Euphemism. It is used to help a phrase sound more pleasant and attractive instead of using rude words;
  • Hyperbole. It is an overstatement that intently exaggerates a specific condition or description. As usual, it sounds like a joke;
  • Oxymoron. It is a figure of speech that combines contradictory elements to describe someone or something;
  • Simile. It is a device that reflects a comparison to make your argument more impressive and effective.

The list is rather brief. There are lots of rhetorical devices that will be of use if you manage to understand and apply them properly.