Know about Facebook advertising: launch your campaigns in record time!


Facebook is the king of social networks. It has more than 1.600 million users, receives 800 – 900 million visits per day and there are more than 32 million companies with a presence on this social network. It is why Facebook Ads are on high demand. So, if you want to know how to use Facebook Ads to gain more customers, keep reading our article.

You have two ways to use Facebook to reach your audience and make your publications reach the largest number of people:

  • Through organic reach- that is, the number of people who see your posts because they appear in your news feeds, because they are your fans or followers or even contacts who have interacted in some way with your post.
  • Through advertising on Facebook- that is, the creation of specific using Facebook Ads to reach the desired audience and according to the requirements you specify.

Organic reach allows you to be seen by only a portion of your followers. But the Facebook Ads will connect you directly with all the people you want to connect. It’s a way to make sure that you reach the right audience at the time you choose.

What is Facebook Ads and what advantages does using it in your company?

To put it simply, Facebook Ad is the system by which you can promote your Facebook page, website, event or App. Text, graphics and video ads are created that appear at the beginning of the users’ timeline, profile and images. You pay only for the views or clicks received.

You can create ads and target specifically and appropriately with the audience you want to reach, and all according to the budget you set. Your ads can be promotional, commercial, institutional, journalistic or any other type, everything depends on what you want to transmit and communicate.

Conclusion: Facebook ads means a great online e- commerce strategy

As you saw, creating ads on Facebook Ads is something that is available to anyone. In fact, the Facebook has become one of the most widely used online advertising channels in recent years. The feature allows you to invest in advertising and segment the audience, which optimizes the use of invested resources. And, most importantly, it is possible to transform the target audience into future customers.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you! So now, you can start your Facebook campaign and achieve great results with a very small budget.