How to move furniture by yourself


What makes the transition day more difficult is the transfer of heavy furniture, especially if you have decided to rely on yourself and help your friends and relatives to transport the luggage and turned away from the request for professional luggage transport companies assistance.

Because once you rely on a professional company, there are no problems in moving furniture easily and easily, but some people decide to rely on themselves to transfer their furniture and the most difficult thing they face is the transfer of heavy furniture. In this article we will remind you how to move heavy furniture in simplified and easy ways.

Steps to move the heavy furniture yourself

1- Create a plan and evaluation

First, make an inventory of all the heavy furniture pieces you have and you are free to start with what was required to load it in the beginning and download it to the car moving furniture. You must consider placing heavy furniture pieces on the sides of the car and in the back to balance the car, then fill in the blanks in the middle with less weight boxes and smaller, light furniture.

Starting to carry heavy furniture in the beginning will save your effort for the end of the day and also the arrangement that will be in the luggage transport vehicle because the rest of your possessions will be easy and light.

2- Buying or leasing special equipment to transport heavy furniture

When moving your furniture yourself, especially for heavy furniture, you will need some equipment and tools that will make it easier for you to carry heavy luggage and you can rent or buy them, and we will now remember these tools for you.

Lifting belt for heavy furniture: It is a strong and durable tape and is used to tie heavy furniture pieces and wear on the back and with the help of arms and helps in facilitating the task of carrying a heavy piece of furniture and controlling it easily. You can adjust this belt according to the piece of furniture and according to your body.

Sledge for heavy furniture: It is a single piece of plastic or separate pieces placed under the legs and corners of heavy furniture and used to drag heavy furniture on the floors and over the carpet with ease and make you not feel the weight of the piece of furniture no matter its weight and its advantages is to prevent the friction between the furniture pieces and between floors and avoid scratches And damage to floors and furniture.

Small furniture cart: It is a long rectangular piece of iron and has a handle and two wheels and is used to put heavy furniture on it and drag it to any place, but it is defective because there are no brackets on the sides to secure the furniture pieces, but this problem can be avoided by linking the furniture piece with a rope to keep its balance.

3- Dismantling the furniture into small pieces

The heavy piece of furniture whenever it can be removed and assembled, the easier it is to move it, you can disassemble the heavy furniture into small pieces for easy portability and then assemble it when you arrive at your new home. Transit day traffic.

4- Ways to carry heavy furniture in a correct way

You should take good care in order not to injure yourself when carrying heavy furniture because the back and vertebrae are greatly affected by the wrong carrying of heavy objects. Try when lifting heavy furniture to carry it on your legs and not your back and start lifting weights over your knees with bending to receive the load on your legs.

Place heavy objects as close to your body as possible to distribute the load on your arms and shoulders and to keep the furniture trim balanced.

While carrying a heavy piece of furniture near your body, do not attempt to wrap your body once, as this may cause an injury.

Do not look down while carrying the piece of furniture and try to see where you are going. Even if the piece of furniture blocks the view from your destination, you can move your head left and right to see your direction and not to fall off the piece of furniture and injury.

5- How to carry heavy furniture over the ladder to ascend and descend

Of course you will have to go down with a heavy piece of furniture over the ladder if you live in floors above the first floor and of course you will have to go up similarly to your new home and you will not be able to carry heavy pieces of furniture on your own so you must help a friend or partner to balance the piece of furniture and there will be a high person and a low person as for the high you must carry the piece from The upper and lower person holds the piece from the other side from the bottom.

Carrying heavy furniture is ultimately a very daunting task, but following these methods will make this daunting task a little simple and will make things a lot easier for you.

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