Should you Get a Hockey Passing Kit for Home Practice?


How can a hockey passing kit help you? If you love hockey, you know how hard it can be to practice. You need to coordinate your entire body to work together in ways other sports just don’t ask you to, and you have to do it while on slippery ice. If you don’t have a personal ice rink, it can be even more difficult to practice hockey, not to mention the increasingly rare hockey teammates. 

However, nowadays, you can simulate both the ice and your teammates with a few training aids, that allow you to focus on improving your game from your own home. But are they worth the investment?

Synthetic Ice Tiles

Synthetic ice tiles allow you to simulate real ice from on any flat surface. The tiles are incredibly easy to assemble, and the ability to practice as if you’re on an actual ice rink. If you want to work on your skating, your shooting, or your passing, without having to go to a rink, these are a great investment. Snipe’rs Edge Hockey  offers the best mix between quality and affordability for their ice tiles, and are one of the best choices available.

Hockey Passing Kit

A hockey passing kit is an item most players wouldn’t consider purchasing at first. At a glance, it just allows you to pass the puck to yourself, which is something you would almost never do in an actual game.

However, upon closer examination, a hockey passing kits’ purpose is revealed. Not only can it help you build your hand-eye coordination, but it also lets you work on passing the puck towards a target, and receiving the puck at quick speeds. If you have friends who play hockey, there are also plenty of drills you can find designed for multiple people with a single passing kit. 

If you’re looking for a quality hockey passing kit, Sniper’s Edge Hockey  is once again my recommendation. Their passing kit is easy to use, portable, and offers many opportunities for unique, challenging practice.