The Differences Between Wireless Mouse and Wired Mouse



Many users have a question before buying a mouse. Which is better, wireless mouse or wired mouse? What are their respective advantages? What are their shortcomings? Today’s article will show you the difference between wireless mouse and wired mouse.

The wireless mouse will save the trouble of wires. At present, there are two kinds of connection technologies used in wireless mice.One is 2.4 GUSB technology and the other is Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth mouse embodies the advantages of mobile office in today’s society. This kind of mouse is light and small. It is convenient to take this product with you when you go out to work. The effective use distance of Bluetooth mouse is more than 10 meters.

What is the situation of wireless mouse? The distance limit of 2.4 GUSB communication mode is short. The distance is 3 meters. It cannot be separated from the wall. The use distance of Bluetooth mouse is 10 meters. The actual use distance is about 7 meters. It cannot be too thick and strong, which will have a great impact on the signal. Bluetooth mouse does not need USB adapter.Many laptops will bring their own Bluetooth function. More expensive Bluetooth mouse will bring a Bluetooth adapter. There is no need to say more about the 2.4 G wireless mouse. Apart from no wires, it has no advantages over the wired mouse with the same configuration.
What are the disadvantages of wireless mouse compared with wired mouse? The 2.4 G unlimited Bluetooth mouse has radiation. But the Bluetooth mouse is weak in radiation. Wired mouse radiation is minimal. The disadvantage of wireless mouse when playing games is obvious. It may not matter to lose a click data during office work.If the user plays FPS games, losing a click data may cause the user’s mentality to collapse. The price of wireless mouse is expensive compared with wired mouse with the same configuration. There is the replacement of the power supply. Wired mouse USB access is used. Wireless mouse needs battery power. However, many Bluetooth mice on the market think of this. For example, HUAWEI’s HONOR Bluetooth Mouse uses a special algorithm developed by HUAWEI to save users electricity to the greatest extent. A battery can be used for a long time. I would like to mention the latest infrared technology of HONOR Bluetooth Mouse. This infrared technology can enable the mouse to be used under various special circumstances. For example, on transparent glass, the mouse can slide. This is a necessary technology for office mouse.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless mouse and wired mouse in comparison. I hope this article can help users when selecting the mouse.