The Special Gifts You Can Now Choose


In different families and countries Santa Claus and the exchange of gifts falls on different dates: some do it at Christmas, others at New Year, while there are those who prefer to give gifts on the day of the Magi. If you want to give some festive gift, you’re still on time.

The New Year is the second most important holiday after Christmas. It is a unique opportunity to show your partner that you love her and thank her for everything she has lived the year we are leaving. In this article here are some tips so you can surprise the people you love most with gifts you will never forget.

A correct wrap will make each gift personalized. Wrap your gift in some paper of the same color and decorate it with a handmade drawing that symbolizes the hobby of the person to whom the gift is intended: a small cart for car fans, a kitten for cat lovers or some notes for people who play musical instruments, for example.

A love letter:

One of the most beautiful gifts there are those that one can make with their hands for our better half. The love letters will not be a physically wonderful gift, but surprise and feeling the heart of who we are, and is a very nice experience. This is one of the best gifts of love that only you can make.

Be witty and create or choose a card or paper where you want to write, but first of all in every word you write tell the truth about your feelings towards him and on New Year’s Day there will not only be fireworks in the sky but within you.

Flask with the best memories

This gift is good for both lovers and best friends or parents. Write on paper sheets the best memories related to the recipient of the gift, wrap each of them and put them in a beautiful jar.

Jars with sweets

If you have jars that you don’t need or light bulbs, you can fill them with the person’s favorite treats (nuts, almonds, M & M’s, chocolates) and decorate them with festive style. You can send a vanilla mastercard as a gift and send to your loved ones.

Unusual Candles

This cinnamon ornament and Christmas objects will give you a wonderful aroma and will make any home breathe the party. It would be a good surprise for romance lovers.

Original cards

To create this gift you hardly need anything, except a fun company with which you can try the cards right after making them.

Oil as a work of art

An empty glass jar, a cork, olive oil, decorative rosemary sprigs and a little fancy, and the designer gift is ready!

World map

Travel lovers will surely love this original map, where countries already visited must be erased with a coin.

Table football

If you have a lot of budget, you can buy the original or mini version of table football. But even handmade toys like this one would provoke a lot of interest and fun in the company of friends.

Teddy Bear

A new towel would always be useful in any home. And to make the gift look more interesting, try folding it in the shape of a bear.