What will I gain from designing e-stores?


Do you want to own your own business at a low cost?

Do you already have a project or have an idea and would like to spread it and reach it to the most people?

Do you want to enter the world of e-commerce at the simplest costs? What do you need to break into the e-commerce world and start profiting from it?

Do you need a company headquarters – workers and employees – transport cars – operating line – advertising campaigns – operating expenses – material liquidity?

Are you frustrated? Hey, you don’t have to be frustrated; breaking into e-commerce is much simpler.

Our company provides the gateway to countries to the world of electronic commerce without the need for all of these previous factors, by designing your own electronic stores that display your products or services that you provide with the ability to reach all the targeted customers all over the world without the need to travel and with the possibility of shipping goods to All countries of the world; you are a company manager, student, or even a homemaker. There are no restrictions on the design of electronic stores and they are available to all members of society.

Online store design

The store design is the first simple steps of e-commerce that do not require a large amount of money to start and provides you with many advantages of dealing with customers during the buying and selling processes.

Store design features

  1. An infinite number of merchandise is displayed in it.
  2. Easy control of the application through its control panel.
  3. The possibility of payment in more than one way and means.
  4. The ability to add supervisors and managers to the e-store dashboard to help you control and supervise the store.
  5. A basket system can be added to collect all purchases and pay at once.
  6. The possibility of obtaining a purchase invoice bearing a certain number for all orders that customers make from the store in order to refer to it in case it is needed.
  7. The ability to add group chat in order to communicate with the visitors of the online store.
  8. It is possible to add one currency or specify a default currency for dealing.
  9. Reports are made that show all the details of the purchases made by visitors and customers of the store.
  10. The ability to add multiple sections to the online store.
  11. Easily change store arrangement.
  12. The ability to search the department stores according to the specifications of each product, as well as the ability to determine the value of the price of the product to be searched for.
  13. The ability to include pictures of the products in the store.
  14. The ability to define specifications for custom products in each department, such as: the type of fabric, the car, or the year of issuance.
  15. It is possible to determine the weight of the product.
  16. Provide the feature to specify the number of products on each page.
  17. The ability to contact clients through the store’s control panel.
  18. The ability to know the number of products that are about to expire.
  19. The possibility to operate the store at any time or close it to visitors.
  20. Upload the product to the Google Play store for smartphones that run on Android systems, and for smartphones that run the iPhone iOS, it will be uploaded to the Apple Store.
  21. The ability to create statistics and graphs about the store to know the number of visitors to the store and how to interact with it.

What do you need to start designing your online store?

  1. The domain name on which your online store will be built and which will bear your store name.
  2. Attention, follow-up and focus for the quality of e-shop management.

What will I gain from designing e-stores?

You will get many distinct designs.

  • Communicate with your store customers everywhere around the world.

Rapid expansion and expansion with the possibility of creating new markets.

  • Your site appears in order among all the search engines.
  • The ability to evaluate your products and measure your customers’ satisfaction with them.
  • The ability to support multiple languages.
  • The ability to add an open number of product brands and factories.
  • A section for selling e-books, explanations and lessons, purchasing coupons.
  • It gives the company credibility and trust by all of its clients who have dealt with it.
  • Find a SEO-compatible store.
  • Get an online store compatible with all smart phone systems, such as: Android and iPhone systems.
  • Obtaining innovative and unique solutions in printing purchase invoices or sending them via text message on the mobile number.
  • The possibility of placing a section in more than one of the sections.
  • The presence of protection and technical support for the site with the possibility of taking a backup copy of all store data.
  • Having facilities for different buying and selling operations.
  • Ability to search by keywords across the store in order to directly access the product you want to search for.
  • Easy to follow the sale and purchase of products on the store and easy access to all transaction and customer data.
  • Easy access to your idea and products to customers with an idea available to everyone and at any time, which is smart phones.
  • The possibility of adding the cost of shipping automatically and automatically after the purchase of the product.
  • The ability to include an ad for each section.

What is the goal of your site’s top search engine pages?

As an additional feature, our company helps you to export your store in the pages of the search engine in order to reach your store to the largest segment of customers, along with the speed of archiving the store or the site, which in turn will give you more powers while adding alternative texts that relate to the pictures of products on the store.


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