Tips for families who need extra storage


One of the most common reasons people rent from a storage facility is because they have items they want to store and not sell but do not have room for them. Those items become apparent when you’re looking to move from one place to another, are downsizing your current property, had a recent death in the family, or are storing a child’s items from when they were smaller. Big life transitions are when storage units can be a lifesaver!

How to use a storage facility to your benefit

Kids – 

Having a kid is expensive because of all the things you accumulate to make their first, second, and even third year of life easier.

Things like car seats, strollers, and highchairs take up a lot of space in your home and cost you roughly $150 on average a piece. Not to mention the hundreds of smaller items you have like clothes, bottles, and toys.

If you plan to have more kids in the future, it’s not financially smart to get rid of these items and purchase new each time you have another baby so storing them is a great option.

Plus, storage units come in all different sizes so you can rent a size for just the things you need and the added rent, is likely cheaper than all the items you store combined!

Moving – 

Another huge life event that people use public storage for is when they are moving. If you get in a bind and your lease ends before your new one starts, you can easily get on a month-to-month agreement with a storage facility to rent a unit for your items.

Garage – 

Do you have an extra vehicle or seasonal recreational toys like a boat or ATV but no room to store them? You can use a storage unit like a rented garage each month. Plus, with your vehicle being stored and not used, you may be able to discuss cheaper insurance with your insurance provider!