Troubleshoot a macbook


Mac is used by most of the bid businesses and also by many professionals as they are able to complete their work faster without any aggravation. The reason is it is faster than other because it runs smoothly without any virus, scam, less maintenance and list goes on. Occasionally, even the Mac can give you some problems. Are you confused how to repair you can reach to the ESMOND they are the experts in apple macbook repair Singapore. Let see a list of things which one should do when he is trying to diagnose the problem.

  • First to thing to check is that are you getting and error popup. Than make a note of it and read it carefully. If you understand the issue than go ahead else try to search what needs to be done to fix that error.
  • Once you Mac starts giving some problem just recollect if recently you have replaced your system with a new piece or updated you system with any new software. It yes then check is the issue is due to the new update.
  • Software update is very important; you can check the versions of the software you are currently using. If it is an old version than your problem is solved by just updating the software with the new updated versions.
  • The problem can also caused due to the external peripherals. So unplug all the peripherals and check if the issue is related to any of it.
  • Check the disk space. You can check the disk space by clicking on go to about this Mac and under that select the storage. The Mac always suggest that at least there should be ten percentage of space should be available in you disk. If that is not the case than you need to immediately create some space. This you can do by checking all the folders in your system and delete all the files and folders which are of no use for you.
  • Check the activity monitor as here you can find if something is taking over memory or central processing unit. You can check activity monitor by clicking on application under that utilities then activity monitor. Once you get there you can see click on memory and check if something is hogging memory. Then click on CPU and check with anything is hogging the CPU. If you’re browsing any website and that website is seen in the activity monitor that means there is problem in that website so immediately close it.
  • You can check for the problem buy starting the Mac in safe mode. When you start your Mac in safe mode it will not load few software and startup items. It will also check entire disk and shows if there is any problem.
  • Check your disk utility if there is any issue in it. You can go to application under these select utilities and then select disk utility. Also have look if there is any change happened in the utility operating system.


Try all the above mentioned steps to diagnose the problem. Even after all your ties you face the problem then login to and book an appointment for repair.