Here is your cushion Guide


Did you know that having a lot of cushions was a status symbol of sorts in the olden times? Well, cushions and pillows can make you feel like you are surrounded by clouds for sure. Some are useful for sleeping whilst some are just used for ornamental purposes. Cushions can make an area look more comfortable and cozier.

Let us look at some of the types of cushions and their uses.

  1. Sham cushions – These peculiarly names cushions are generally used for decorative purposes only. They may be delicately embroidered or made from a different fabric to add extra sparkle to your room. Cushion covers of sham cushions can be matched with other accessories in the room like the wooden clock, bed runner, or an accent chair. These can be uncomfortable to sleep on and can be removed from the bed completely or placed behind the pillows at night.
  2. Floor cushions – These comfortable seating cushions can be used to create a nook in the balcony. These types of cushions do not require any additional furniture and can be moved around easily wherever extra seating is required. The cushion covers for these kinds of cushions should be made with resilient fabrics.
  3. Chair cushions – These cushions are mindfully designed to provide padding and make wooden or metal chairs more comfortable. These are very handy for outdoor furniture made with wicker, as they can be easily removed in case of rain and you do not have to shift the whole furniture.
  4. Bolsters – These are cylindrical pillows used on furniture pieces without upholstered arms or back support. They look quaint and have an old-world charm. These can be stuffed with a variety of materials. They can be used on the bed as decorative pillows as well.
  5. Neck roll – Neck roll is what you would get if you cut a bolster into small pieces. These are generally used as ornamental cushions. However, these can be very useful when you are sitting in a reading chair and you want to prop your feet up or as back support.
  6. Lumbar – Lumbar is a very long and flat pillow. These can be used on the bed and well as sofas to add extra fluff.
  7. Chaise cushion – Chaise cushion is a long cushion that can be placed on a lounge chair. This provides support to the upper as well as the lower body.
  8. Rocking chair cushion – As fun as it is to get on a rocking chair and just chill, it can be very frustrating when the cushion keeps sliding off or does not provide enough support. These kinds of cushions require a little extra padding and need to be shaped as per the chair. The size should be slightly bigger to avoid bruising at the back of your legs. It is wise to ensure these have strings to secure the cushion properly or use anti-skid material for the same.

Let’s make life a little more comfortable with cushions!