French Bulldogs- the ideal companion for your house


Want to know more about your Frenchie Dog? Perfect!!

Here, we have got you covered. If you own a Frenchie or are even planning to get one, this write-up will help you to know everything about your French pup.

Gift your pooch the perfect comfort and lifestyle it deserves. Here we have listed the top 5 points about your Frenchie Dog that will help you to understand them better.

Frenchie dog have a laid back personality

There is no denial of the fact of how cute and loving a French Dog is. But did you know this breed has a laid-back personality? Yes, they do. They are indeed a great companion for humans, and you don’t have to worry about being active with them all the time. They will take their own time to complete their work.

French Bulldogs have an Independent Streak

French dogs are really independent. They do what they what and when they want. Don’t worry; this trait won’t cause any hindrance in your training sessions. One just needs to start training them early and be mindful of the dog’s reward system. And most importantly, who wants their pup to be dependent on them all the time?

French Bulldogs Are a Brachycephalic dog breed

The first thing that catches an eye is the smushed faces with the big pointy years.  But the face shape of branchy dogs often makes it difficult for them to breathe.

 The ideal solution for your pooch to overcome BOAS syndrome is to invest in a French bulldog Harness which ensures to limit the pressure on the upper airways and trachea. This harness will ensure that your air passes swiftly and easily, and they have no problem breathing.

 Keeping a Frenchie Cool Is a Must

Overheating and heat strokes are quite common among French bulldog. It increases the brachycephalic syndrome. Therefore take utmost care to keep your buddy cool and calm. There are several cooling vests, blankets, and jackets that will ensure that your pup’s body is cool and comfortable.

Did you know a FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPY DIED IN KLM FLIGHT because it was left with water for more than 18 hours? Now, imagine how important the cooling factor plays their life.

 Frenchie’s Are Prone to Obesity

No one wants their dog to be over-weight as it reduces their playfulness and make them lazier. And discussing French Bulldogs, it’s a must! The obese the dog becomes the faster it becomes prone to several health conditions like airway disease, orthopedic issue and many more. Therefore don’t forget to indulge your pups into exercising but be careful about the frequency.


Frenchies are a great companion for your house or apartment. Their fun-loving, playful, affectionate nature will vanish your stress and will make you cuddle more.