Questions About Bouldering London And Climbing You Should Know


One of the first things that we would probably ask you is about your fitness. You need to be mentally and physically fit to engage in bouldering London. Rock climbing, bouldering, or whatever fancy name you call it, attracts the fearless lot. Now, these sports are in the limelight. The appearance at the Olympics has highlighted these even further. In the last few years, numerous gyms have come up. And they have one thing in common, climbing walls, and boulders. Nationwide, more and more people are trying it out.

Trying Out The Sport

If you are ready to give a try, there are a few things that you need to know first. Yes, you need to be fit. That answers your first query. Prep up. If you want to just hang in there for more than 15 minutes, buy hand grippers. Practice training your core. Start incorporating planks, bridges, and various leg variations. You should hit the gym regularly. And, do not miss out on the cardio sessions.

Moreover, you need to get ready with the terminologies. There are plenty of them. Keep track of the most common ones today. Beta, bomber, choss, gripped are a few of the terms that start off at the very beginning. The London climbing wall will accommodate all of you, no matter your skill levels.

Understanding the Activity Or Sport

There are various types of routes, no matter where you practice it. Moreover, they are 5.0 for the easiest one, to 5.15 that is the hardest. You will hear the name Yosemite Decimal system. Those who are on the top levels, are made for the competitive side of the game. That is how it starts. The hardest route today is 5.15c. There is more in store for you.

Are you new to bouldering? There is a separate level system for that as well. Moreover, it starts from v0-17. It sounds more exciting than before. So, which level are you? Moreover, you also need to master the technique. All good sportsmen in this genre look at their feet 80% of the time. And, there is a specific reason for that. Experienced climbers climb with their arms straight ahead.

You should also practice etiquette. There are a whole set of climbing manners that you need to learn. And there is no better place, than the London Climbing Wall. Start learning the theory and the practical from day one. They go hand in hand.